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The material available in the folder include:

  • One A4 introductory page
  • 11 pages of description of the various models
  • 8 pages dedicated to the new 964 C4
  • 10 black and white Werkfoto (five on the new Porsche Centers; 944; 944 Turbo; 911 Carrera Coupe'; 911 Carrera Targa; 928 S4)

Exclusive presentation of exclusive sports cars

Leusden, January 10, 1989 - In April 1988, one of the five exclusive Porsche Centers was opened on the Laan van Nieuw Oost Einde in Voorburg by Mr. E.M. Peter, export sales director at Porsche Stuttgart.

The other Porsche Centers are located in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. They will focus exclusively on the sale of new Porsches and used, exclusive sports cars.

To this end, the Porsche Centers have a spacious showroom, an up-to-date workshop to provide perfect service and ample parking space.

With the design of these exclusive Porsche Centers, the factory, importer and dealer want to break new ground in order to profile the Porsche brand even better in the future.

The well-known and coveted sports car brand all over the world, will therefore present itself more confidently and exclusively on the car market. Automobiles with more than extraordinary performance, first-class quality and high value retention, just as Porsches are, also deserve exclusive positioning at dealer level.
All this is also expressed by a completely new decoration of the showroom, both in terms of exterior and interior.

This exclusive arrangement will allow Porsche to successfully expand its position in the market, as more expertise and time can be spent on and sales service.





Leusden, January 10, 1989 A new four-wheel drive Carrera 4, a new turbo-look Porsche Speedster, one new Porsche 944 S2-Coupé and S2-Cabriolet, a 911 Turbo with a five-speed gearbox, a Porsche 928 S4 with two world firsts, as well as an improved and more comprehensive equipment for all models.

Also in the 25th year of the Porsche 911 comes the sports car manufacturer from Stuttgart for the 1989 model year with new accents and new standards. After the limited production of the four-wheel drive Porsche 959 Porsche is now on the completely newly developed Carrera 4. A vehicle with four-wheel drive and a partly enclosed and 250 hp power unit with catalytic converter, which the Carrera ganuna rounds upwards. With its exquisite aerodynamics, its great power and its excellent chassis, derived from the 959, the Carrera 4 opens a new dimension of the concept of "driving".


The novelties for 1989, with the Carrera 4 as the highlight, those comes standard with ABS, power steering and a expandable rear spoiler, to be continued with the Porsche 911 Speedster - a car for uncompromising driving. The 911 Speedster with Carrera technology is introduced in 1989 also offered and promised in a limited edition in turbo look thus becoming a collector's item.

New in the four-cylinder range is the convertible based on the 944 S2. Production starts around the turn of the year 1988/1989.

The most intensive work was done on the Porsche 944 S2, which looks like a completely new car, both technically and visually. The newly developed multi-valve power unit technique (4 per cylinder) has a cylinder capacity of 3 liter and thus delivers 211 hp. In addition, the four-valve sports car, the complete chassis and also the body of the current Porsche 944 Turbo. With that immediately clear that the new 944 S2 is the official successor of the Poreche 944 Turbo offered so far.

The 250 hp derived from the Porsche 944 Turbo-Cup racing car sports car, with its particularly complete and luxurious equipment and special chassis tuning, is differentiated through impressive driving performance and excellent driveability. The Porsche 944 Turbo for the 1989 model year is coming in terms of technology corresponds exactly with this special model. At a comparison of the purebreds among the sports cars over the all over the world, the 250 hp and 260 km / h are fast four-cylinder with its transaxle construction at the top of the list. While the Turbo S was only available in a very exclusive and comprehensive equipment, the 944 Turbo can ordered with the same technology in the usual equipment variants.

Also the Porsche 911 Carrera, available as Coupé, Targa or Convertible enters the 1989 model year and is now fitted with 8" instead of 7" wide rear wheels. The brake lines, clutch disc and seals for engine and gearbox are asbestos-free.

The Porsche 911 Turbo has a five-speed gearbox and a thoroughly revised chassis. Advantages of the new 5 gear system is: shorter ratio between speed and harmonious utilization of the power. Also in the Porsche 911 Turbo, produced since 1987 even if Targa and Cabriolet, are available just like for the 911 Carrera model range, asbestos-free seals and brake lines.

For the 1989 model year, the transaxle range have been streamlined. At the same time, the four-cylinder Porsches have been technically overhauled. After the disappearance of the Porsche 924 S, the four-cylinder program is as follows:

  • Porsche 944 with 2.7 liter capacity and a power of 165 horsepower.
  • Porsche 944 S2 with a three liter drive unit, one power of 211 hp and the look of the 944 turbo.
  • Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet with 3 liter capacity and power of 211 hp.
  • Porsche 944 Turbo with 2.5 liter capacity and a power source of 250 hp.

The Porsche 928 S4 with its 5 liter multi-valve engine and a power of 320 hp (with catalytic converter) belongs since its debut in 1986 among the absolute top automobiles.

The fastest and most powerful standard Porsche returns to its top position. The tire pressure control system now provides to the user of the 928 S4 all changes in the pressure system of all tires. A newly developed combined instruments with electronically controlled diagnosis system provides reliable and optimal information on the conditions of the main elements.


New colors, more equipment and new accessories

For the 1989 model year, the program includes numerous detail changes. For example, new paint colors and numerous new fabric coverings for all models, which makes Porsche driving even more attractive and comfortable.

Even more safety and protection for the Porsche models of the latest generation guarantees a revised and for it first used in this perfection alarm system, which by Porsche is offered as standard from the 944 Turbo model.

For the models 944 and 944 S2, this alarm system is available at additional cost. Running the alarm system is easier than ever, thanks to a key system that will switch on automatically after you shut down the doors; light emitting diodes in the locking pins also optically indicate that the system is in operation.


Thoroughbred Porsche

In addition to the already well-known Porsche 911 Clubsport, Porsche now offers also the new models 944 S and 944 Turbo in a light and particularly sporty version. By renouncing certain comfort details and thanks to a tighter adjustment of the chassis with these special models even more extreme driving performance are possible.

Porsche AG now supplies with catalyst technology more than 85% of its total production all over the world. For more: Carrera pur sang