Porsche 911 Carrera


Porsche 911 Carrera in model year 1989: wider wheels and improved equipment.

In 1963 the Porsche 911 made its debut during the International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt. A quarter of a century later, the super-fast six-cylinder with 3.2 liter capacity and an output of 231 hp is still there more dynamic.

Also for the 1989 model year, the 911 Carrera undergoes some improvement. The most striking detail in the new Carrera models are the rims on the rear axle, those of 7" have been widened to 8". The 911 is only supplied as standard with forged wheels of size 6J x 16" with 205/55 tires and 8J x 16" with 225/50 ZR tires, with a correspondingly improved driving behavior.

In addition to numerous new colors, fabrics and leather, a modified and now offered as standard alarm system shutting down the car automatically for more protection and security against theft. In conjunction with the integrated central locking already from model year 1988 as standard, comes the alarm system automatically activated when the doors are closed . Door and lid contacts, fuel pump and the control unit of the digital engine electronics are thus secured. Light-emitting diodes in the locking pins signal at the same time that the installation is armed state.

Also when it comes to environmental protection, the Porsche has Carrera has undergone some changes. From now on brake linings, clutch disc, seals for engine and gearbox asbestos-free.


Carrera pur sang

In the 911 Carrera series, Porsche AG offers a lighter version, called Clubsport 911, which has special sports suspension and standard equipped with front and rear spoiler. Weight decrease is achieved by omitting certain comfort elements such as electrically adjustable seats, sound-absorbing material, electric window openers and other details. The Clubsport 911 has a shortened gear lever, and the drive unit tuned to a 300 rpm higher rpm. The nominal power is otherwise identical to that of the engine of the normal Carrera.