Porsche 944


Porsche 944 in model year 1989: more equipment and more power

Since its appearance in January 1982, the Porsche belongs 944 among the most successful sports cars in the world. Through its balanced handling characteristics, its good driving performance and favorable consumption figures are available from this car with transaxle construction well over 100,000 to date sold.

In the 1989 model year, the Porsche 944 is mainly in technical drastically overhauled. The displacement of the four-cylinder engine was increased from 2.5 to 2.7 liters and the torque from 210 Nm at 4500 rpm to 225 Nm at 4200 revolutions per minute significantly increased. It power from 160 hp so far increased to 165 hp, where in combination with the much higher torque especially a huge one traction and acceleration can be noted. The acceleration of 40 to 160 km / h in fifth gear, for example improved by four seconds.

A newly modified digital engine electronics, a higher one compression, larger intake valves and new camshafts with changed valve timing are the most striking technical innovations in the 2.7 liter engine of the Porsche 944 in 1989.

In addition to five new paint colors, new upholstery fabrics and new colors in the interior of the 944, include one heavier battery, an automatic heating control and a electrically height-adjustable passenger seat up to the standard equipment.