A test centre for aerodynamic research and investigation opens in June 1986 at the Development Centre in Weissach, featuring one of the most powerful wind tunnels for automotive testing anywhere in the world. From early spring onwards, a cutting-edge paint shop equipped with environmentally friendly technology ensures the optimum application of paint coats in Zuffenhausen.

Porsche 1986

As well as wins for teams and drivers at the World Sportscar Championship, Porsche also scores victories in 1986 at the Sport Auto Super Cup, the IMSA and Interserie, and the Formula 1 World Championship (with the TAG Turbo engine).

Porsche 1986
Porsche 959 (MY 1986)

Porsche secures its eleventh overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The race track version of the Porsche 959, the 961, also achieves a class victory in the IMSA/GTX . At the Paris-Dakar rally, all three Porsche 959 vehicles reach the finish line, claiming first, second and sixth places, covering a distance of no less than 13,800 kilometres or 8,570 miles.

Porsche 1986