Compriamo quello che ci serve e vendiamo quello di cui non abbiamo bisogno.
Please ask for more pics if interested. Payment via PayPal or cash & carry. Prices DO NOT include shipment.


MMoMo Marine Steering Wheel

Nice wheel, dished, originally designed for motor boats, looks good in outlaw build. A couple of screw seats damaged while removing from seized hub, otherwise very good.
€ 35


MotoMeter outside temperature gauge - not working.

As shown in pics. It needs refurbishment: new glass and temperature sensor.


Steering Wheel TS Intertrade 360 mm, rare!

Rare 360 mm flat TS Intertrade steering wheel, made by Raid - Racemark. Very good conditions, perfect stitching. Leather is sort of vintage natural color, it fits well with natural / brownish interiors or wood / veneer dashboard like in early 911s. It needs Nardi or Raid - type hub, it is also possible to adapt a MoMo.
€ 250


Nardi Steering Sheel polished solid hub for early Porsche 911 and Porsche 356B/C

This is a rare used polished Nardi solid hub n. 146 for late Porsche 356 and early Porsche 911 up to series "F" MY 1973, with its cancel ring. Perfect conditions! It also fits other 6 pattern wheels (Luisi, Raid-Racemark, etc) and it is also adaptable to MoMo. Horn button NOT included.
€ 350


Nardi Steering Sheel solid hub for or early Porsche 911 and Porsche 356B/C

This is a Nardi solid hub for late Porsche 356 and early Porsche 911, up to series "F" MY 1973, with its contact ring. Perfect conditions, as new! It is also adaptable to MoMo and other 6 pattern wheels (Luisi, Raid-Racemark, etc). Horn button not included.


Original NOS BOSCH FogLights

Couple of New Old Stock Bosch halogen foglights 0305600001 No Longer Available. For all the 70s - 80s sports cars!
€ 120,00


Original NOS Hella 160 Driving Lights + Covers!

Couple of absolutely New Old Stock and No Longer Available Hella 160 in original package, chrome back, including their mounting hardware and covers!
Popular in period rallye BMW 2002 Ti/Tii, they suit every rally car such as Porsche 911, Alfa, Ford Escort, etc!
€ 250,00


Porsche 964 Repa REAR seat belts PET 964 803 021 00

This is a original OEM 964 Repa REAR seatbelt, like new!
€ 265,00


Brochure PORSCHE 1996 - The 911 History Collection - 4 languages

Porsche cars booklet in small format issued by Porsche AG at the presentation of the Porsche 996, recapitulating all the production series starting from 1965. It includes technical data and gray-scale pictures. Very good conditions.
€ 35,00


NLA Porsche OEM Bosch front blinkers

Various conditions, ready to go for a driver or unrestored concourse vehicles. For 1973 only (black profile) Porsche 911 2.4 T/E/S and 2.7 RS. Rest-Of-World (e.g Europe, Japan, Canada) specs (short white transparent / long orange). They have the Bosch and the Porsche markings!
from € 65,00 / each


Solid steering wheel hub MoMo n.52, including original FIAT button!

Very good conditions.
we're not sure which cars exactly fit; according to information received it appears from 124 Sport / Spider.
€ 25,00


NOS Porsche 930 3.3 Turbo rear spoiler reinforcement plate / grill

P.N. 930 512 044 00. Perfect conditions, unused since 1986.
€ 175,00

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