Most of the original material in German, translation by NSL.


The VW Porsche 914 becomes a sales sensation thanks to its base price of less than 12,000 German marks. In 1970 alone, 13,312 units of the four-cylinder version with a 1.7-litre engine are sold in total. Positioned much higher in the sales spectrum with a retail price of 19,980 German marks, the Porsche 914/6 is fitted with the six-cylinder two-litre engine of the Porsche 911 T, guaranteeing impressive driving performance.
With nine out of ten possible victories, Porsche once again dominates the International Championship for Makes with the 917 and 908/03. The winning streak begins in Daytona and continues at Brands Hatch, Monza, Spa, the Nürburgring, the Targa Florio, Le Mans, Watkins Glen and the Österreichring. Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood’s performance at Le Mans on June 14, 1970 is especially remarkable. In the 917 from Porsche Salzburg, the two drivers earn the first overall victory at Le Mans for the Stuttgart-based automotive brand.



Dear colleagues, and - we hope in many to be able to say so - dear friends! The VW-Porsche-Vertriebsgesellschaft would like to introduce itself with today's first press release and present to you the new models for the motor show in Frankfurt.

VW-PORSCHE-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

The VW-Porsche-Vertriebsgesellschaft is a joint venture of Volkswagenwerk AG, Wolfsburg, and the Dr.-Ing.h.c.F. PORSCHE KG, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Both partners are 50% shareholders of the "VG" - that's what we call it the VW-Porsche sales company in the internal language usage.

Managing directors are:

  • O.E. Filius, formerly vice-president of the Porsche of America and largely responsible for the Development of the Porsche business in USA, and
  • K. Schneider, who is coming from the financial management of the Volkswagenwerk;

hence two gentlemen who not only have long-term relationships to the parent companies, but also know the VW and know the Porsche business very well. Mr. Filius is in charge of sales, Mr. Schneider for finances and administration of the VG. Our new seat has been located near the Stuttgart's center in Heilbronner Str- 67 since April 1st, 1969, Tel: 29 91 31, where we moved into the former Motometer building. The task of the new company is the distribution of Sports car jointly developed by both companies.

VG sales program

But more than the construction of the VG itself certainly you are more interested in the sales program of our company. We can therefore introduce you both model series, the VW-Porsche 914 and on the other hand the Porsche 911.


The model 914 is a completely newly developed vehicle by VW and Porsche that will be shown for the first time in Frankfurt. It is a real sports 2-seater, with large luggage compartments at the front and rear, made possible by the conception of this mid-engine vehicle. This solution has been in use in automobile racing for decades, it is technically complex, but optimal from the point of view of the road holding and road safety. The mid-engine, already succesfully used by Professor Porsche in the design of the Auto Union racing car, have become the norm today in international Sports and racing cars. You can now enjoy this technical conception, with the VW and Porsche long-awaited 2-seater sports car.

The 914 comes with an 80 hp electronically injected engine developed by the VW factory, or with a 2 liter Porsche 6-cylinder engine with an output of 110 hp, pop-up headlights, a fixed roll bar, two large trunk and a plastic roof, which can be removed by hand and fits in the rear trunk, completing the picture of a technology and optically ultra-modern vehicle.

And now one more request:

We look forward to your criticism of this vehicle, because we hope it will stand before your eyes. But please don't call it "Volksporsche". The car is called according the joint planning, development and sales between the Volkswagenwerk and the Dr. - Ing. h.c.F.PORSCHE KG, "VW-Porsche". Therefore, do not use that ill-conceived tag, please.


In addition to this complete new creation, the models of the successful Porsche 911 series further improved. The Porsche 911, model year 1970, only differ externally through retouching from their well-established and popular predecessors but the big innovation is an engine that has been enlarged to 2.2 liters, delivering a considerably improved torque better acceleration from low revs and even more beefy power guaranteed at mid range, easing the overtaking maneuver - the greatest danger of today's road traffic. Also the top speeds are are further increased in the individual models T, E and S, of course also in the original and popular Targa version.

Dear colleagues, after this presentation in words and pictures that we are sending here today, all vehicles will be be shown in real for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

For all the technical data and equipment details please refer to the enclosed information material.

We hope that by providing you with these documents you are now well informed about the VW-Porsche-Vertriebsgesellschaft and its program, and remain at your disposal, with the hope of good future cooperation.



Following the call that has been growing stronger for many years a German two-seater sports car came true through the Creation of the 914. Cooperation VW-PORSCHE also enables a competitive pricing policy, which also fulfills a wider audience to afford its wish.

With this vehicle and the new types of the tried and tested PORSCHE 911 series, the VW-PORSCHE DISTRIBUTION COMPANY MBH is capable of offering a wide range sportier vehicles with different technical conception, in the price range from DM 12,000 to DM 30,000:

  • VW-PORSCHE 914 4 cylinder, 1679 ccm, 80 PS 177 km / h, five-speed transmission
  • VW-PORSCHE 914/6 6 cylinder, 1991 cc, 110 PS 200 km / h, five-speed transmission
  • PORSCHE 911 T 6 cylinder, 2195 cc, 125 hp 205 km / h, four-speed transmission
  • PORSCHE 911 E 6 cylinder, 2195 cc, 155 hp 220 km / h, five-speed gearbox
  • PORSCHE 911 s 6 cylinder, 2195 cc, 180 hp 230 km / h, five-speed gearbox