1970 Model Year - PORSCHE 914

Non chiamatela brutto anatroccolo.

La piccola di Stoccarda ha sostituito la 912 nel corso del 1969 e costituisce ormai il modello "di ingresso" al mondo Porsche. Colori sgargianti "anni '70", guida brillante nonostante la bassa potenza ma grazie al perfetto equilibrio dei pesi, divento' presto un "culto". Nel 1970 entra nella leggenda, arrivando sesta assoluta alla 24 ore di Le Mans, preceduta solo dai prototipi di 5 litri.


When the VW-Porsche 914 was first introduced in 1969, it set new standards in its sportscar class. These standards have been surpassed by the VW-Porsche 914/2.0.

Although its performance puts it ahead of its European competitors, having been further developed by the Porsche Factory, the 4-cylinder fuel injected engine, its power at low engine speeds.


A maximum and cruising speed of 118 m.p.h. (190 Km/hr) is achieved in fifth gear at only 5000 r.p.m. Because of the short stroke, the average piston speed (11.8 m/sec.) is exceptionally low and, therefore, all performance is achieved within safe operating limits.

The excellent frame construction, with its long wheelbase and wide track, combined with the mid-engine layout, gives the 914 road-holding far in excess of any of its so called competitors.


The "Targa" design is as practical as it is safe In fine weather you drive an open car but protected by a safety roll-over bar. In bad weather the 19 lb. (8.9 kg) reinforced glass fibre roof section offers weather protection to the same high standard as a coupé.

The interior trim is functional but still luxurious. The comfortable shaped seats can be tilted as well as being adjusted forwards and backwards and give good lateral support during high cornering speeds. All controls are in easy reach – even wheri you have your safety belt fastened.


Where you would expect to find an engine in other sports cars you will find lockable luggage compartments in the 914-one in the front and one in the rear. Together they offer just over 13 cubic feet (370 litres)- about the same as a medium sized saloon. Why the 914 is one of the safest cars on the road today, will be willingly explained to you by your VW-Porsche dealer...

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