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Model year 1999 Side airbags

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The side airbags on the 911 and Boxster

It's all about the head

When it comes to improving passive safety systems in cars, Porsche sets standards. With the start of series production of the 911 Carrera, the POSIP system was used for the first time, which is of course also available for the Boxster and the 911 Cabriolet. POSIP means "Porsche Side Impact Protection". It is a new type of side airbag that provides the driver and front passenger with more extensive protection than is usual with the previous side airbags in an open convertible. Only Porsche offers convertible-compatible side airbags. Side airbags are standard on all 911 models of the 1999 model year.

The airbag modules housed in the door panel also differ from others in their particularly large volume when inflated With a capacity of 30 liters each, these large airbags not only offer the occupants the usual protection around the shoulders in the event of a collision on the side. The POSIP system catches the body from the chest to the head the above-average ample volume of the airbag in every position of the seat on its fore / aft adjustment.

The side airbags are each filled by a hybrid gas generator. The pyrotechnic component is only minimal in this version, it essentially serves to open the valve, which allows a filling with the noble gases argon and helium to flow into the gas-tight airbag from a pressure vessel. In the event of a collision, the two side airbags are triggered by a sensor on the sill under the door.