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Porsche 911 and 912 E (USA)

In a world of compromise, PORSCHE doesn't.

In 1948, the first Porsche was built to meet the standards of an individual who would not accept compromise in any sense of the word. That individual was Ferdinand Porsche Today, Porsche cars are still being built for people who will not accept any form of compromise in quality, workmanship or performance.

Yet in spite of as high standards, or perhaps because of them, Porsche stands out among today's practical cars as a distinctively sensible automobile. it is extremely compact on the outside, yet luxuriously comfortable and pleasing on the inside. It offers high, seemingly limitless, performance at amazingly low fuel consumption. It provides maximum safety for its occupants, yet requires a minimum of maintenance In short, a Porsche is as sensible as it is rewarding The rewards of owning a Porsche come to you each day you drive it. Every time you approach your Porsche, you feel a surge of pride in knowing what the car is and what it can do (Ask any Porsche owner). You know, for example, that you are driving a car that can win fiercely competitive races, if you so choose. On the open road, it wil accelerate and track as an extension of yourself. Yet it is well-mannered for city driving or for leisurely meandering, as your wishes dictate, in short, your Porsche is ready to do what you want it to do. Any time. This is the product of a dictumn of no compromise

You may choose from three models: the 911S the Turbo Carrera and the 912E


We have been making a 911 since 1954. Although today's 911S looks very much like the original, it has been vastly improved. It is built with more sound deadening material and the engine operates at 1/3 less rpm's than older models to produce the same speed The result is, of course, a quieter, smoother ride. The current 911S is also easier to drive. Its higher-torque engine, combined with higher gear ratios, gives you more performance with less gear shifting So you get all the responsiveness you need without paying the price of driver fatigue.

If you want the 911S in a convertible, you want the Targa, it is a unique design that provides all the exhilaration of an open car without sacrificing the safely and comfort of a coupe. It has a built-in roll bar, a foxed rear window, and snug fitting folding top.

The Turbo Carrera. The ultimate PORSCHE

The Turbo Carrera is a very special 911 modes that has a turbocharged engine.

Turbocharging uses the engine's exhaust gases, which would otherwise go up in smoke. as a source of energy to pre-compress the engine's intake air. This additional energy provides an enormous performance boost on demand. Yet this car is completely docile in city traffic and leisurely country driving Standard equipment includes such luxury features as air conditioning, a stereo radio with power antenna, power windows, a headlight washing system a two-stage healed rear window with wiper, fog lights and front and rear spoilers.

In all respects, the Turbo Carrera is a dramatic indication of all one could wish for in a personal car.

The 912E. A popular model returns...with improvements.

Porsche enthusiasts will recall that the 912 model designation appeared in the years 1965-69, as a four-cylinder alternative to the six-cylinder 911. The fact that one still sees many 912's on the road in excellent condition, is a tribute to the car's durability and loyal following And so we have brought back the 912 series. The now 912E is, however, quite different from its predecessor models. The 912E has electronic fuel injection The engine is a design that took Porsche engineers two years to develop and retine Also, the 912E has the modem body styling and many other features of the 911S So if you'd like a thoroughly up-to-date four cylinder Porsche, the new 912E is the car for you Now that you've read about our Porsches, you really should drive one. Even if you've never considered yourself a sports car buff, if you like to drive, and can appreciate quality, precision and responsiveness in an automobile, you should expenence the Porsche firsthand.

And nothing's easier. Your Porsche dealer will be happy to introduce you to the Porsche experience

If you're like us, it's an introduction that will last a lifetime


In addition, the 911S model is available in two body styles; as a Coupe or as a Targa convertible with removable roof panel.

Your Porsche dealer will be glad to discuss with you the standard equipment furnished on each Porsche model as well as the options which may be selected to help personalize your Porsche. Some of the vehicles and equipment shown or mentioned In this catalog may not be available in some areas. We reserve the right to make specification and equipment changes without notice.

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