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For years we've been racing mid-engined Porsches. Like the 904. The 908. And the Can-Am 917. And each time we raced we learned something new that we could put to work for us in the next race.

One thing we learned was that an engine in the middle makes a car very versatile. Extremely well balanced. Makes it corner well.

So in 1969 we took this idea, as well as some of the other lessons we learned on the racetrack, and put them to work in a mid-engined Porsche for the street. The 914.

Today, over 100,000 people in 100 countries own and drive a Porsche 914. And though they don't all race, they're glad that we did. Because racing experience made the 914 what it is today. A mid-engined sports car with unique Porsche styling and handling. And for that there is no substitute.



On the road or the racetrack, there is no substitute for performance.

From the most demanding racetrack in the world to the most casual country lane, one name will always dominate the imaginations of driving enthusiasts. Porsche. And the Porsche 914 is a good example why.

After years of racing mid-engined Porsches, we found that an engine in the middle makes a car extremely maneuverable.

An engine in the middle gives a car exceptional balance. Braking and acceleration are extremely stable. Deceleration (something that's just as important as acceleration) is more even because the wheels carry amore equally divided load. So when we decided to build a mid- engined car for the street, we didn't substitute for the lessons we learned on the track. We passed them on to the 914. Something else we passed on was the unique way a Porsche handles. We did it by equipping the 914 with rack-and- pinion steering, 4-wheel independent suspension and a low center of gravity.

And for smooth, sure stops we put disc brakes on all four wheels.

Even though the 914 has a lot of track features, you don't have to race to enjoy it. Because it's just plain fun to drive. It's fast. Goes from 0-60 in just 12 seconds. Yet it's designed to cruise all day at autobahn speeds.

Shifting is fun, too, with our quick and precise 5-speed gearbox. And there's electronic fuel injection to feed the engine the exact amount of gas it needs at all times. It does its job so well that the 914 gets about 27 miles to the gallon. And it's got a 16.4 gallon tank for a 442 mile non-stop range.

So take a sports car that's made a name in racing. Make it easy and fun to drive, and sensible to own and you have a Porsche 914.

There is no substitute for the thousands of hours it takes to make a Porsche a Porsche.

How did we make our 914 concept work as well as it does? By constant testing and retesting. By working hours and hours to make sure that countless parts work together as well as is humanly possible.

Engines were tested on the dynamometer under various load conditions for horsepower and torque output. And in the freezing cold and searing heat of the climate chamber to see how they would react in extreme temperatures.

Experimental programs were established and endurance runs carried out. Units were tuned up to perfect performance levels, then checked and rechecked.

Special machines checked exhaust emissions. Brake pads. Fuel injection.

And more cold chambers, this time looking for trouble in winter starts. Insulation. And windshield defrosting.

914s ran on the skidpad and the test track where we tested them to see how they handled on all kinds of surfaces and road conditions. Roads like you've never driven on before. With dozens of potholes, one right after another. Roads you can't even see because they're under puddles of water.

And on it went. More tests. More checks. All of which goes to show, we're tough on our Porsches. Because we expect them to be tough. So that whether you drive one in a race, or home aiter the race, you'll find it's a sports car that's hard to beat.

There is no substitute for the convenience of two trunks. Or for the sportiness of a removable roof.

One of the great frustrations of owning a two-seater sports car has always been the lack of trunk space.

The Porsche 914 has two ways to beat that problem. One is a 6 cu trunk in front of the driver. The other is a 9 cu trunk behind the engine.

There are a number of reasons for so much trunk space. The first, of course, is the mid-engine placement. it leaves lots of room front and rear. The engine is built to save space. It's flat with horizontally opposed cylinders. And beng aircooled, it doesn't have a big bulky radiator to contend with Even the suspension is designed to take up less Space in the luggage compartment.

But having two trunks isn't the only thing that makes our 2 seater unusual. Take a look at its fiberglass top. It comes undone in seconds by simply undoing four clamps. And it fits back in place again almost as fast. It weighs only 7 pounds and stores snugly in the rear trunk. hardy taking up any space at all.

Being made of fiberglass has certain advantages, too. The top is waterproof and easy to clean. It can't rip like fabric. Keeps noise out and in wintertime, heat in. And the rear window is made of glass so it won't yellow.

In case you're wondering why we went to all this trouble in designing the 914, it's because we wanted to be more than a two-seater sports car with unique styling and handing. So we gave it the added convenience of two trunks and a breath of fresh air whenever you want to. And for that there is no substitute

The Porsche 914 is a two-seater in the classic sports car tradition.

But unlike most classic two-seaters, you don't need a shoehorn to wedge yourself into a system that lets you choose the perfect into it.

Its doors are big and wide. And inside. there's 35 of headroom. 54 of shoulder room. 57 of hproom. Enough room to handle just about anybody who comes along.

The seats slide way back, so you can stretch out just like a race driver. They're firm. Comfortable. And, to make driving even more comfortable, the driver's seat you're driving, you're not rubbing elbows (not just the backrest) tilts up and down to four positions.

But there's more to comfort than seats. In every Porsche 914 there's a padded dashboard with clear, easy to read in thing you can only find out by getting struments And the steering column has the turn signal, high beam windshield wiper and washer controls built right on it. So you can operate ail these vital controls without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

There's fresh air heating and ventilating that let you choose the perfect combination of heat and fresh air for year 'round comfort.

Another comfort feature is storage space. We gave the 914 plenty of it to keep those take-along items handy yet out of the way. On each door there's a roomy pocket. In the dash, a good-sized glove box. And between the seats, a console tray. And lots of extra space. So, when you are driving, you're not rubbing elbows with your passenger. Unless, of course, you want to.

We could go on and on telling you how roomy the 914 is, but its really something you can find out by getting inside one. Stretching out. And seeing for yourself why, when it comes to two-seater comfort there is no substitute for a Porsche.

Of course, there are times you may want to substitute.

That's why we offer these 914 options. Up till now we've been telling you about the Porsche 914 2.0 with a 2-liter engine. However, there are some people who like a sports car, but don't require so much power. So for them we built the Porsche 914 with a 1.8-liter engine.

Whichever you like best, you can make it sportier by adding our optional performance group, appearance group or both.

Add the optional performance group, and we'll equip your 914 with stabilizer bars front and rear. A front spoiler for improved high speed handling. And pressure cast light alloy wheels to further reduce un-sprung weight.

Choose our optional appearance group and you'll get a light grip sports steering wheel. A leatherette boot for the shift lever. A center console with a voltmeter, time clock and oil temperature indicator built into it and center storage compartment that'll hold lots of odds and ends, yet keep them neatly out of sight under its flip-down lid.

Of course, there are other options in addition to our two'groups. Leatherette or plaid cloth seats. Air conditioners. Radios. Ski racks. And more.

Ask your Porsche dealer to show them to you. He knows all about sports cars. And how to make them even sportier.

You've read a lot about the Porsche 914. How well it performs. How comfortable it is. And all you get with it.

But reading is one thing. Experience is another.

That's why we'd like you to come into our showroom and pick out a mid-engined Porsche. Sit in it.Take a look at the engine. Give it every kind of test you can think of. But don't leave until you drive it. Because driving is the best way to get to know a car. And with the 914, there is no substitute.

Copy of the brochure can be downloaded from the website coochas.com