PORSCHE PRESS KIT 1999 - Rest of the World

Model year 1999 - Radio

Porsche 1999
The new Porsche-Radios

User-friendly with a uniform design

All Porsche radios from September 1998 belong to a new generation that is state-of-the-art. As before, the development partner and supplier is Becker Automotive Systems.

The four radios have a uniform design that enables classic and user-friendly design with two rotary knobs. Furthermore, all devices are characterized by the twin tuner concept, which was previously only available in the top model, which selects the radio station with the currently strongest signal from several transmission frequencies without audible switching. .

A clear and concise design of the user interface was made possible because the opening for loading cassettes, compact discs or mini discs is normally covered. It is only accessible by opening part of the front panel. This is designed as a removable control panel to provide additional theft protection.

The display of the radios is adapted to the color of the instruments, the lighting follows the brightness control. Each radio is acoustically matched to the installed loudspeakers and the spatial conditions of the car and has an automatic, speed-dependent volume control. A telephone input on the radios enables the installation of a hands-free system without additional loudspeakers, whereby the volume is also adjusted via the radio.

Boxster and Carrera have a pre-installed cable set for radio and loudspeakers as well as an antenna integrated into the windshield.

All four radios meet the highest demands in terms of reception performance and playback quality. Price differences result from the degree of ease of use and the ability to play additional sound carriers. All devices also have a connection for a CD changer.

Porsche 1999

Cassette Radio CR 22

The base unit enables the reception of VHF, MW and LW. A total of 40 station memory locations are available. In addition to the station set, the display also shows the strongest receivable station. The four power amplifiers each have an output of 30 watts with 10 percent harmonic distortion. The cassette drive has auto reverse, track search and Dolby B and C.

CD-Radio CDR 22

The technical equipment is the same in all respects with the CR 22. Exception: instead of cassettes, compact discs can be played here.

CD-Radio CDR 32

With similar basic technical equipment, this device offers even more ease of use. The display is formed here by a dot matrix that can provide more extensive information. The station name and frequency can be displayed at the same time, as can the names of the stations that can be reached via the station buttons. With the help of two RDS decoders, the "Dynamic Autostore" examines all available broadcasting chains for their reception quality and shows them in this order on the display. RDS Radiotext allows text information from the broadcasters to be played back. At the beginning of CD playback, the display shows the title and / or artist is displayed, provided this information is also stored on the CD.

Mini Disc Radio MDR 32

Porsche is the first European automobile manufacturer to offer a radio device that can play the new, very compact Mini Discs. Otherwise, the high standard corresponds technology that of the CDR 32 radio. At the start of CD playback, the display shows the title and / or artist, provided this information is also stored on the CD.