PORSCHE PRESS KIT 1999 - Rest of the World

Model year 1999 - PCM

Porsche 1999
Porsche Communication Management


One of the particularly attractive offers in the optional equipment program is Porsche Communication Management (PCM). Together with the communications engineers from Siemens, the engineers in Weissach developed the PCM, which has been available for the current Carrera and Boxster since the 1998 model year. The PCM consistently combines a large number of functions in one device in the middle of the dashboard. This simplifies the operation and handling of the individual information systems. There is a visual representation on the five-inch color screen for each functional area.

The following functions can be controlled via the PCM:

  • The audio system with RDS radio, cassette player and - if available - CD changer
  • The optional TopHiFi system with DSP amplifier (Digital Sound Processing) and high-quality loudspeaker systems
  • Display for automatic air conditioning with heating, ventilation, defroster and air conditioning.
  • The on-board computer with displays for time, date, driving time, average speed, average consumption and other data when entering a destination.
  • The integrated 2 watt car phone with hands-free system, which is activated by inserting a GMS card.
  • The navigation system developed by Siemens with exact determination of the current position, route and destination using satellite navigation and road maps on CD-ROM, distance measurement using ABS sensors and direction detection using an electronic compass.

In addition to street maps and city maps, other important information such as petrol stations, hotels or sights are stored on the CD-ROM. The driver receives instructions through voice output, and route guidance is also provided on the screen using arrow symbols or a road map.

The complete system fits into the dashboard in a clear and functional Porsche design. The central position allows operation and control by both the driver and the front passenger. The additional equipment price for the PCM is well below the cost of corresponding individual devices plus installation.

The TrafficStar navigation system, which is available via the Exclusive program and is integrated in a high-quality car radio, is less expensive. The information is not displayed on a color screen and the recommended route is not shown on a road map. TrafficStar offers all the essential information on an LCD display in brief and informative symbols. A road map of the country to be traveled is entered via CD-ROM via a slot for compact discs. When the essential data has been saved, the CD-ROM is removed. Music CDs can then be played on the same drive.