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Model year 1999 - Bikes

Porsche 1999
Four attractive bikes

High-tech for the two-wheeled Porsche too

The Porsche mountain bikes have undergone far-reaching changes. The main features of the bestseller among mountain bikes, the Porsche Bike S, remain unchanged. The aluminum frame in hard-tail design ensures low weight, as it is appreciated by ambitious single trail riders. The 80 millimeter suspension fork comes from Votec. The crank set, the hubs and the gears - now with Rapid Fire shift levers - are from Shimano from the LX group.

Porsche has expanded its range of bicycles to include a racing bike.

The Porsche Bike FS, a full-suspension bike with a front wheel that has a spring deflection of 100 millimeters, has undergone a radical relief treatment and, with a weight of 11.5 kilograms, can be considered a competitive piece of sports equipment . An aluminum frame with optimized wall thickness, a carbon fiber stem system, the waiver of hydraulic disc brakes, which are replaced by mechanical V-brakes, and the two particularly light wheels from the American brand Crane Creek reduce the weight by around two kilograms. The entire drive train now comes from Shimano from the XT group. Continental supplies the 1.5 "Cross Country Porsche Edition tires.

The Porsche Bike FS Evolution remains the top model. The elite material carbon is still used to a large extent. The three-spoke wheels from Spengle, the fork bridges and the seat post consist of this extremely light and strong material. Exclusive to the FS Evolution bike is the upside-down suspension fork with a suspension travel of 140 millimeters, which Speedride specialists, together with the appropriately coordinated suspension of the rear wheel, appreciate as much as the effective ones on the descents. Disc brakes from Magura The gearshift and everything that goes with it comes from Shimano from the top brand XTR.

New: Porsche racing Bike R

The frame here is also made of aluminum tubing, and its architecture corresponds to the style of the other Porsche bikes with a straight connection from the steering head to the rear axle. Of course, the road racer does without a suspension fork, because here minimal weight is a goal that was perfectly achieved at 8.9 kilos. The components of this fastest Porsche bike come from Shimano from the first class racing bike group with the traditional name Shimano Dura Ace.