The production for the North American market


February 7, 1995

Dear Editor,

Enclosed is your Porsche product information kit to be used in conjunction with the 1995 Chicago Auto Show. It contains information, specifications and black and white photography on the entire 1995 Porsche product line. Color slides of all models are available upon request.

Highlighting this material are features on the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and Porsche's Tiptronic S transmission. The 1995 911 Carrera 4 combines the agility and driving pleasure of the new 911 Carrera with the advantages of an all-wheel-drive system. In keeping with Porsche's policy of enhancing the price/value relationship on all its cars, the 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe carries a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price more than $ 11,000 less than the model it replaces.

Patterned after the transmissions currently popular in World Championship Formula One racing, Porsche's Tiptronic S is the first automatic transmission to place controls in the steering wheel for quick and easy up and down gear shifting. It is available on the 911 Carrera two-wheel drive model.

Should you need additional information about Porsche's 1995 models, please contact Barbara Manha at xxx-xxx-xxx or Dan Hopper, Public Relations Assistant, at zzz-zzz-zzz. You may also reach us by telefax at yyy-yyy-yyy.

Thank you for your interest in Porsche.


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