1991: the Porsche "Symphony" radio

Unsurpassed audio pleasure

Porsche "Symphony" radio

In addition to sets with a CD player, the new "Symphony" radio offers unmatched listening pleasure to those who prefer radio and cassette entertainment. As with the other radios installed by Porsche, its reception and output characteristics have been specially matched addition to an extra-strong precision cassette drive, the tape section is provided with Dolby B and C noise suppression circuits to the demands of sports car driving. In and with automatic tape grade identification and changeover. The radio section, with more generous station storage facilities than is usual, has a traffic report volume control and various signal strength settings for the station-seeking device. There are also pre-amplifier outputs and inputs for additional equipment, and an individually controllable loudness function. The new permanent coding system is further step forward in the quest for a effective theft protection: a non-variable combination of figures is registered by Porsche with the car's specific data. This rules is out successful tampering by third parties: the radio registered as belonging to one particular car. In case the radio is cut off circuit it cannot be used anymore and is thus useless except if the code number is available. At Porsche as well as the can always be radio manufacturer the true owner of the radio identified by means of the unit number.