Porsche 1987 MY: the 944 Turbo USA model

The most important innovation in model year 1987 is the introduction of the ABS system

Dual airbags are now standard in the 944 Turbo.


Bore in inch 3.94
Stroke in inch 3.11
Displacement in in.3 151
Compression ratio 8:1
net. power SAE J 1349 in HP 217
At engine speed in rpm 5800
net. torque SAE 1349 in lbft 243
At engine speed in rpm 3500
net. power SAE J 1349 in HP/l 88.7
Max engine speed in rpm 6500
Speed governed by stopping fuel flow at rpm 6500±20
Fuel grade in CLC (RON) unleaded fuel 91CLC (95 RON)
Engine weight (dry) lbs 401
Battery 12V 63amp
Alternator power 1610W/115A
Cooling System Type Closed coolant circuit system with antifreeze for -25°C
Fan drive 2 electric fans with thermo switch
Engine Lubrication and oil cooling Crankshaft driven with crescent gear pump. Oil full flow heat exchanger in coolant bypass circuit integrated in crankcase
Emission Control 3-way cat. conv. with heated oxygen sensor
meas. ahead of cat. conv./ oxyg. sensor disconnected
Fuel System Type DME
Fuel Delivery 1 electric pump

Front mounted engine and rear mounted transmission bolted together with a connection pipe to make up a rigid drive unit - transaxle
Clutch Hydraulic operated, single plate, dry clutch with diaphgram spring plate in pulled version
Number of gears (ranges) 5 forward, 1 reverse
Manual Transmission
Transmission weight in lbs.
ready for installation

Gear Ratios
1st gear 3.500
2nd gear 2.059
3rd gear 1.400
4th gear 1.034
5th gear 0.829
Reverse 3.500
Final drive Hypoid drive
Final drive ratio 3.375:1
LSD (M-equipment) locking value 40%

Front Axle Independently suspended wheels on control arms and spring struts
Spring (Mc Pherson) one coil spring per wheel
Shock absorbers Double action hydraulic absorbers in spring struts
Steering Power assisted rack and pinion
Steering wheel dia. in inch 14.96
Steering wheel dia. in inch (M equip. ?) 14.17
Steering wheel ratio in center position 18.85:1
Turning circle dia. in ft. 33.8
Number of steering wheel turns from lock to lock
- Stadard
- M-equipment

Rear Axle Independently suspended wheels on trailing arms
Springs One each round torsion bar transverse installation
Shock absorbers Hydraulic double-acting
Service Brake

Hydraulic, đual circuit brake system with axle division, brake booster, vented brake discs on front and rear wheels
Brake disc diameter in inch
Front 11.73
Rear 11.77
Effective brake disc dia. in inch
Front 9.65
Rear 9.69
Brake disc thickness in inch
Front 1.10
Rear 0.94
Effective total pad area in sq.in. 53.32
Wheel Rims and Tires
Standard tires
Tire Size on rim
Front 55 VR 16 7Jx16
Rear 50 VR 16 8Jx16
Wheel Rims and Tires
M-equipment tires
Tire Size on rim
Front 205/55 VR 16 7Jx16
Rear 245/50 VR 16 9Jx16
Winter tires
Tire Size on rim
Front 195/65 SR 15 7Jx15
Rear 195/65 SR 15 7Jx15
Dimensions (inch)
Lenght 168.90
Width 68.3
Height 50.20
Wheelbase 94.49
Track (with rims) inch
Front 58.2
Rear 57.1
Ground clearence (at total max weight) inch 4.72
Curbed surface clearence (at total max weight) inch 2.09
Curbweight (front) lbs 1496
Curbweight (rear) lbs 1496
Curbweight (total) lbs 2992 (?)
Max. axle load lbs
*Front 1672
*Rear 2024
Max total weight lbs 3619
Permissible */** rack load lbs 165
*The max. total weight, however, must not be exceeded.
**Applies only if the basic rack of the original Porsche Roof Transport System is used.
If old type Porsche ski and luggage racks are used the permissible roof weight is 77 lbs.
Capacities US gal information in Owner's manual is valid
Engine oil 1.72
Engine coolant 2.24
Manual transmission + differential 0.58
Power steering n/a
Fuel tank 21.12
Brake fluid 0.05
Washing fluid 1.57
Top speed in mph 152
Acceleration in seconds
0 to 60 mph 6.1
1/4 mile from standing start - sec 14.4

Transmission Oil Specification:
Manuals: Hypoid gear lube SAE 80 to MIL-L 2105
API Classification GL 4
Automatic Transmission (US gal.): ATF Dexron 11D, approx. 1.58 total volume;
approx. 0. 74 converter volume;
approx. 0.92 ATF change volume, watch mark on oil filler tank.
Differential of automatic transmission (US gal.): final drive: approx. 0.26 of SAE 80 to MIL-L 2105B
API Classification GL 5 (filled for service life).

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