Porsche 1987 MY: the 911 USA model

Opening the era of the new G50 gearbox with revised pattern


Improvements to the 1987 model 911 Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet -- Porsche's classic race-bred sports cars -- include a hydraulically assisted new clutch, a new five-speed gearbox and a gain in horsepower through use of optimized combustion developed from the company's racing engines.

The new clutch and transmission allow smoother movements from gear to gear, with a changed gear pattern. The six-cylinder Carrera engine with optimized combustion has gained 14 horsepower without any total weight increase and now produces a total of 214 hp with a top speed on a test track of 149 mph and a 0 to 60 mph time of 6.1 seconds under test conditions.

The 911 Carrera has fresh colors and additional leather trim options as well as new fully adjustable electric comfort seats with additional lumbar support.


911 Carrera Coupé $38,500
911 Carrera Targa $40,500
911 Carrera Cabrio $44,500


Bore in inch 3.74
Stroke in inch 2.93
Displacement in in.3 193.1
Compression ratio 9.5:1
net. power SAE J 1349 in HP 214
At engine speed in rpm 5900
net. torque SAE 1349 in lbft 195
At engine speed in rpm 4800
Speed governed by stopping fuel flow at rpm 6250±50
Fuel grade in CLC (RON) unleaded fuel 91CLC (95 RON)
Engine weight (dry) lbs 485
Battery 12V 88amp
Alternator power 1260 W
Cooling System Type Air cooled
Fan drive Crankshaft via belt
Engine Lubrication and oil cooling Dry sump with separated oil tank thermostatically contolled oil cooling, full flow oil filter
Emission Control 3-way catalyst, oxygen sensor, secondary air injection
Fuel System Type DME
Fuel Delivery Electric pump

Clutch Single disc, dry, hydraulically activated
Transmission Engine mounted, rear
Number of gears (ranges) 5 forward, 1 reverse
Gear Ratios
1st gear i=3.500
2nd gear i=2.059
3rd gear i=1.409
4th gear i=1.125
5th gear i=0.889
Reverse i=2.857
Final drive Hypoid drive, pinion & differential
Final drive ratio 3.44:1
LSD (M-equipment) locking value 40%

Front Axle Independent MacPherson strut
Springs Torsion bars
Shock absorbers Hydraulic double-acting
Steering Rack and pinion
Steering wheel dia. in inch 14.96
Steering wheel ratio in center position 17.78:1
Turning circle dia. in ft. 35.9
Rear Axle Independent semi-trailing arms
Springs 1 transverse torsion bar per wheel
Shock absorbers Hydraulic double-acting
Service Brake

Power assisted, ventilated discs
Brake disc diameter in inch
Front 11.12
Rear 11.41
Effective brake disc dia. in inch
Front 8.97
Rear 9.60
Effective total pad area in sq.in. 39.83
Wheel Rims and Tires
Standard tires
Tire Siye on rim
Front 195/65 VR 15 6Jx15
Rear 215/60 VR 15 7Jx15
Dimensions (inch)
Lenght 168.94
Width 65.04
Height 52.0
Wheelbase 89.45
Track (with rims) inch
Front 53.9
Rear 54.3
Ground clearence (at total max weight) inch 5.12
Curbweight (total) lbs 2756
Max. axle load lbs
*Front 1433
*Rear 2094
Max total weight lbs 3417
*The max. total weight, however, must not be exceeded.
Capacities US gal
Engine oil 3.42
Manual transmission + differential 0.80
Fuel tank 22.5
Brake fluid 0.05
Washing fluid 2.12
Top speed in mph 149
Acceleration in seconds
0 to 60 mph 6.1
1/4 mile from standing start - sec 15.2

Miscellaneous: Oil level is measured with oil dipstick. Information in Owner's Manual is applicable.

Engine Oil Specification:
Approved: API SE SF with combinations
Multigrade Oil: As approved by factory - see Technical Information on engine oils.
Transmission Oil Specification:
Manuals: Multigrade gear lube 75W90 to MIL-L2105B or API Classification GL5
Automatic Transmission (US gal.): ATF Dexron 11D, approx. 1.58 total volume;
approx. 0.74 converter volume;
approx. 0.92 ATF change volume, watch mark on oil filler tank.
Differential of automatic transmission: (US gal.) final drive: approx. 0.26 of SAE 90 to MIL-L 2105B
API Classification GL 5 (filled for service life).

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