Porsche 1985 MY: the 928 S

New seats, a window antenna and a newly synchronized five-speed gearbox

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The 310 hp (228 kW) powerful Porsche 928 S with a speed of over 250 km / h, of which over 30 000 units have now been produced, came with numerous changes with the new model year. The flagship of the sports car manufacturer is now equipped with electrically adjustable comfort seats as standard, which can also be supplied with heated seats on request.
The new generation of seats, which are also used in this form and technology in the Porsche Carrera, are characterized by significantly improved lateral support, the extended support for the thighs ensures fatigue-free driving, and finally the new seats can be adjusted thanks to the stepless adjustment.  With this generation of seats, the seat surface and inclination can be electrically adjusted separately and optimally adapted to the very personal wishes of each individual driver and front passenger.
New standards are also being set in terms of safety: the belt buckles attached directly to the seat ensure that the seat belts can be locked quickly and effortlessly, and in the event of an accident this system also offers the greatest possible protection according to the latest findings in accident research.
A rather inconspicuous change to the Porsche 928 S also contributes to the desire for more comfort: the seat rails, which are now 15 millimeters lower, give tall passengers significantly more headroom.
The newly synchronized five-speed gearbox in the 1985 model year 928 S can be shifted faster and more precisely, although the shift lever has also been lowered a little in the course of this technical change. A new feature of the automatic version of the Porsche 928 S is the gear display integrated in the tachometer instrument, which signals the relevant gear range to the driver, especially in the dark, much better than before. Visually, the automatic version features the new shape of the selector lever, which is now covered in leather in the respective interior color.
Anyone who activates the radio in the Porsche 928 S in the future will no longer experience an automatic antenna rising from the rear. For the new model year, Porsche has opted for a high-performance window antenna, which includes the following components as standard: four loudspeakers, interference suppression, fader control and antenna amplifier.
Among those details that Porsche had given the high-performance sports car with the spacious trunk and large tailgate in the course of the model maintenance are the steering wheel horn plate covered with leather and one reinforced alternator (from 90 to 115 Ampere) as standard. Another new addition to the range is a warning indicator on the dashboard, which lights up when the tension on the toothed belt drops.
The range of additional equipment for the eight-cylinder, which accelerates to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds, has also become more extensive. For extremely hot countries, a second air conditioning system is available in the rear of the car, the steering wheel can be ordered with a hub that has been extended by 20 millimeters, and for the forged rims, in addition to the platinum color previously offered, there is now also anodised silver in the range.
Technical data PORSCHE 928 S

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