Porsche 1985 MY: the 924

New colors, tinted all-round glazing and heated washer nozzles

Porsche_Werkfoto_1985_924 (01)
The smallest model in the four-cylinder transaxle series, equipped with the Porsche 924 with a two-liter engine, has been one of the most popular sports cars in the world for some time.
Of the 125 PS (92 kW) sports car, which thanks to its aerodynamically optimized body, can achieve speeds of well over 200 km / h, over 130,000 have been manufactured since production began in 1976.
The car, which is extremely economical for a sports car and which is content with a gasoline consumption of 8.1 liters at a speed of 120 km / h, is presented in model year 1985 with new colors, green tinted all-round glazing and heated washer nozzles.
In addition, the two new radios Hamburg and Bosten are available for the 924, which like all Porsches has a seven-year guarantee against rust perforation.
Technical data PORSCHE 924


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