PORSCHE PRESS KIT 1979 - Germany - 911 SC

The most traditional German sports car is entering its 15th model year.

Porsche 1979

The Porsche 911 SC is practically unchanged in its 15th model year. This classic among the world's most successful sports cars is also one of the most reliable. Its 6-cylinder boxer engine with a cubic capacity of 3 liters has an output of 180 hp and enables a top speed of over 220 km / h. The elasticity of this sports-tested machine allows for lazy driving even in city traffic: The torque curve is very flat and reaches its maximum of 27 kpm or 265 Nm at 4300 rpm. Over the entire speed range from 3000 to 6000 rpm, more than 22 kpm are available.

While the chassis and drive did not require any changes, Porsche has increased the comfort of the 911 SC even further: it is now equipped with automatic heating control as standard. There are also some new colors to choose from. This Porsche is available in Coupé and Targa versions.

Released: March 1979