ACE Gathering 2019
15 September 2019 - Brussels/Renesse/The Hague (Louwman museum) - Porsche 911 2.4S 1973

We drove the ol' 2.4S (Biancaneve) from Brussels to The Hague to visit the Louwman Museum with a group of other members of the ACE (Automotive Club EUROCONTROL).

The departure was at dawn (well, not really) from the outskirt of Brussels, in front of the flags of european states which are located outside of the european institutions and first stop was at the village of Renesse (NL) for (late) complimentary breakfast and beverage were be provided by ACE; stored in the capable trunk of a RR Silver Cloud III, they were served on top of the whaletail of a slightly modded Porsche 911 Cabrio.

After the briefing, we (try to) follow(ed) the roadbook through the picturesque roads which cross polders and riverways among tulips and windmills to get to the dutch capital by lunchtime.

The Louwman museum host and interesting collection (here below a very partial photo gallery, what you can find there is truly unbelievable, worth going even from overseas).

Our classics (older than 40) can park in front of the museum itself, whereas the more "modern" have to go to the underground parking.

The restaurant is located inside the museum and it is reasonable priced ... a good bistrot, nothing more, nothing less.

Here below a video and some pics.

"Volevamo scrivere qui un motto intelligente ma al momento non ci viene in mente nulla"