Porsche 1985 MY: the 944 Turbo Racing History

Almost all new Porsche sports cars had to go through the tough testing of racing prior to being produced. This is also the case with the 944 Turbo

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The 944 Turbo prototype brought into action in 1981 at the 24-hours race of Le Mans was the forerunner of a high performance four-cylinder Porsche model. Walter Röhrl and Jürgen Barth driving this model placed 7th in overall results and won the trophy for the most reliable race car.

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In June 1984 Porsche started with a 944 Turbo of the 0-serie at the 24-hours race of production cars taking place in Nelson Ledges/Ohio. This vehice did already correspond totally with the future production cars and was provided with an exhaust-catalyst. The Porsche 944 Turbo was driven by the Americans John Busby/Rick Knoop/Freddy Baker and finished first at its opening race leading by 42 rounds.

For the full story of the roadgoing version, see:

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