Porsche 911 Turbo. One of the fastest sports cars in the world

Porsche werkfoto 1984

The model maintenance measures that Porsche gave to the new vintage of the 911 Turbo serve to ensure safety, comfort and reliability. In addition to a modified interior program, there are now make-up mirrors in the sun visors on the left and right.

The engine of the 911 Turbo has a newly developed chain tensioner with pressure oil lubrication, the alternator has been increased to 92 amps.

You no longer have to look behind the wheels to check the brake pads: the fittings in front of the driver's seat now also contain a brake pad wear indicator.

The now standard anti-theft protection of the wheels makes it difficult for long fingers. The new 911 Turbo is also recognizable by the fog lights now integrated in the front spoiler.

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