PORSCHE PRESS KIT 1979 - Germany - 924 Turbo

A new Porsche: the 924 Turbo

Porsche 1979

The new Porsche 924 Turbo makes use of the technology that has been tried and tested in racing and the 911 Turbo in series production, which is preferred today to achieve high engine performance - exhaust gas turbocharging. On the basis of the tried and tested four-cylinder in-line engine of the 924, Porsche has created an engine that produces 170 hp (125 kW) while maintaining the displacement of 1984 cm and reducing the nominal engine speed from 5800 rpm to 5500 rpm by means of exhaust gas turbocharging. Nevertheless, the maximum torque of 25 kpm (245 Nm) already occurs at 3500 rpm.

Like the Porsche 924 and 928, the new 924 Turbo has the axle load balancing transaxle system: the engine installed at the front is bolted to the gearbox and differential on the rear axle via a central, rigid tube to form a unit. This results in an almost even weight distribution with a slight additional weight on the driven rear wheels.

The 924 Turbo differs significantly from the normal Porsche 924 in the higher achievable driving performance, which makes it one of the fastest sports cars on the world market, and in the even greater driving safety. The organically integrated rear spoiler also contributes to this, improving traction, especially at high speeds. In addition, its aerodynamic effect leads to a further reduction in aerodynamic drag to the sensational Cx value of 0.35 for a production car.

Apart from these functionally necessary detailed changes, the hot-dip galvanized body of the 924 Turbo corresponds to that of the tried and tested 924: Porsche has consistently avoided accentuating the high-performance characteristics of the 924 Turbo with intrusive stylistic changes that increase air resistance.