Porsche Werks I - SpringMarch 1968

Porsche 1968

In spring 2021 we got this original period picture of Porsche Werks which we have digitalised and we hope you will find it interesting.

This picture is puzzling because it present some oddities which make a correct dating very challenging.

This is why it made a buzz on specialised forum (e.g. the Early 911S Registry) and enthusiasts on social media. Mahle group itself contact us on Instagram asking for more information and permission to share. In turns, we asked some inside on their supplies to Porsche in order to refine the date.

First of all, we can see that there is a mix of 68 and 69 models in this workshop, the red one at the being being a '68 (SWB) and the others looking as 69 (LWB). Then, the yellow, MY 69, still spots the side reflectors of the US models of 68, supposed to have been deleted in 69 because integrated directly into the flashing blocks (hence the change of the front flashing blocks and horn grilles between the SWB and LWB). Despite the controvery on 1969 USA having or not the reflector, there is strong consensus that the picture is either 1968 or 1969.

As far as the location is concerned, everything points to Werk I - Zuffenhausen

Porsche 1968
The same area, a bit later, is in the upper right of this photo.
Porsche 1968
Other one same location.
Porsche 1968
Another view of the same area.

What we do know for sure

  • It is a Werks photo: overalls have the "Porsche" logo on them.
  • The red 1968 has SWB vent window, USA blinkers and fender repeaters but does not have USA sugar-scoop headlights. Was it supposed to be driven in Germany, e.g. as a "tourist delivery"?
  • The Mahle Cromal-Zylinder boxes are for 908, as they contain 4 cylinder units per box.
  • The cam covers are 908 as well (this has been challenged).
  • The red one in the foreground is the only one with 'S' deco trim.
  • The blue one has both under bumper and over bumper accessory lights and it seems that auxiliary oil line plumbing in the wheel well are also present.
  • The background yellow and red ones do not have sunroofs. Non-standard side-marker light on front fender (why?) of the red one.
  • The yellow one is the only one with sugar scoop headlight bezels. Hodge-podge of SWB and LWB features. Definitely a '69 (red) interior.
  • None of the cars fully fit with those featured in the 1969 brochures.
  • It appears that the a 908/02 from Le Mans 1969 is in the far left corner.
  • Werk I was the original pre-war Porsche facility in Zuffenhausen, but after the war it was occupied by the American military until December 1955.
    In the meantime, Porsche purchased land across the road, and in 1952 built what became known as Werk II. When Werk I was returned to Porsche, the rear buildings were used for customer service, new developments and the racing department, while car production remained at Werk II.

But we initially overlooked the most important check ... what is in the back of the picture. We have inspected it carefully and found some faint stamps on the kodak paper ... well ... this is what we got after some enhancement: March 1968!

Porsche 1968
Back side of the picture.


  • The photo was likely taken inside the rear buildings at Werk I in Zuffenhausen in SpringMarch 1968.
  • We might be looking at the first LWB specimen for the future MY 1969, still in the development phase.


We would like to thank all those who contributed to this quest, in particular:

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