Your key to a world of Porsche pleasure.

Europe is Porsche country with its steep, winding roads, challenging grades and no-limit Autobahns, where you can push the Porsche to the limit... and love it. Driving a Porsche in Europe is an experience you'll always treasure. Plan for it now, on your vacation.

Visit the Rhineland with its ancient cities and quaint towns along the river. Wander through the storybook castles of old Germany. Drive through the lovely chateau region of France, see the famous vineyards, and visit Paris. Explore Scandinavia, lands of the midnight sun. Soak up sunshine on the gay Riviera or head east for adventure in the Balkans and √Častern Europe.

It's so much easier to travel by Porsche... and more tun. You can enjoy a flexible schedule, independent of trains or buses. Stay longer where you wish; you can always "catch up" in a Porsche. You'll be free to get off the beaten track, to explore for hidden treasures you'd never find otherwise.

With your Tourist Delivery Porsche, you'll travel free as a bird. No need to worry about losing luggage, making tight connections, or sticking to a rigid itinerary. Enjoy being on- your-own, be an independent traveler in your own Tourist Delivery Porsche.

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