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Porsche 1968

All Porsche models have the same characteristic shape, the subtle elegance of which does not seek the effect. Your line is determined by the function and harmony of all constructive details. Also They are the same in the essential technical features: air-cooled boxer engines in the rear, independent suspension and torsion bar suspension front and rear, dual-circuit braking system acting on four disc brakes, safety steering and many other things are common to all cars. Their main difference is not in their pricing, but in the needs of our customers, around whose individual wishes we build every vehicle.

Porsche 1968

People always had to travel, but traveling often became a passion. Overcoming time and space was always fascinating.

Perhaps this explains the great interest that they devoted to everything, that of locomotion served. For many centuries it was the horse that tied people.

The harmony of horse and rider, the speed of the beautiful animal and his Reactions to the guide, enthusiastic riders and viewers. This enthusiasm for the strength and elegance of the thoroughbred horse is transmitted today on the unsophisticated, functional breed of the sporty vehicle.

Porsche 1968

Porsche automobiles drive on every continent in their own, unmistakable form, which also connects the latest model with its predecessors. Its development was not determined by fashion aspects, but by the constant striving for technical perfection.

Its sublimated elegance arises from its technical practicality. The maturity of the construction and The lines correspond to the solidity of the material and its processing. The artisanal one Finish. All details inspire the connoisseur and guarantee reliability and durability.

All over the world, Porsche has set the standard for fast, sporty touring car.

Porsche 1968

The development of Porsche automobiles has always been determined by the search for the technically optimal solution. The practical tests that Porsche faces in spor competitions on all roads in the world made a decisive contribution to this.

Here lies the cornerstone for the already legendary safety, reliability, endurance and performance. But the sporting commitment was always there only a means to an end to perfect the fast and sporty touring cars so that they can also be used in the Perform above-average everyday traffic.

The vehicle is so capable that mere data and dry facts can only be described imperfectly. Only the driving lets you really experience a Porsche. After a few Kilometers reveal a unique experience to the driver: feeling of security and ease of movement.

The precise, smooth steering, the good visibility and the spontaneous, but always controlled reaction when braking and accelerating make driving a game in any traffic situation. Powerful, easy to sprint, and yet elastic motors defuse every overtaking maneuver, but also enable leisurely driving. The body hardly twists when cornering at high speed. A well-constructed, carefully tuned chassis allows the car to cling to any lane and still offers an excellent suspension comfort for sporty cars. The reserves of the vehicle especially inspire the thoughtful and safety-conscious driver.

Porsche 1968

Regardless of its sportiness, the Porsche is not overbred and meets all the requirements for versatility, robustness and unpretentiousness for the everyday traffic moves. A clever construction of the front axle gives a large trunk under the front hood.

Large windows in connection with its maneuverability and smooth running steering allow the driver to master even the heaviest traffic in a superior manner. The elasticity and traction force of every Porsche engines are proving themselves in city traffic as an additional security factor and makes it easier for everyday drivers to control the vehicle in all critical situations.

All Porsche 6-cylinder can also be equipped with an automatic transmission, the Sportomatic, ex works. This allows the driver to fully enjoy himself without having to use the clutch or shift gears and concentrate instead on what is happening on the road.

Porsche 1968

The open, sporty touring car has always offered its special charm. Light and air gave that intimate sensation of feeling free and let that travel becomes a fascinating experience.

Targa brings back memories of the race of the a thousand curves on the sun-drenched mountain roads of Sicily, the Targa Florio.

The name Porsche has been around for a long time glamorous sporting successes associated with it. Targa (in German shield) stands for the safety of this convertible as well as for its robust reliability.

The characteristic, steel roof bracket gives the targa not only has its idiosyncratic, elegant lines, but above all the safety of the occupants. In addition, it enables, in a few simple steps to vary the structure fourfold and with it depending on the weather adapt. Even at high travel speeds, the bracket largely prevents the usual nuisance in an open vehicle by streams and wind noise.

The targa gives the safety and security of the coupé as well as the freedom of the convertible. In the targa, form and function found a synthesis typical of Porsche, which excite everyone. According to every wish, the targa can be delivered in all model versions.

Porsche 1968Porsche 1968

In just a few quick steps is the roof insert between the Windshield frame and removed or inserted from the bracket.

Combined, it claims little space in the trunk. Just as quick and easy the rear window insert is released or clamped.

On request, the targa can also be supplied with a fixed, not removable rear window!

Porsche 1968

That real sportiness and sensible comfort are not mutually exclusive, as Porsche convincingly demonstrate.

He is not only technically perfect, but also in all of them those things that decisive performance and affect the concentration of the driver as well as the well-being of all occupants.

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