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Porsche 1968

All Porsche models have the same, characteristic shape. Its subtle elegance does not seek effects, but results from the practicality and harmony of the constructive details. The Porsche models do not differ in the essential technical features either: air-cooled boxer engine in the rear, independent suspension and torsion bar suspension front and rear, dual-circuit brake system acting on four disc brakes, safety steering, etc. are common to all cars. Their difference is less in value than in the different needs of our customers, their individual needs We build every vehicle according to your wishes.

Porsche 1968

All progress is based on living tradition. Driving like this in all continents Porsche automobiles in their own, unmistakable form, which also connects the latest model with its predecessors. The further development was not based on fashionable aspects, but on the striving for technical perfection.

The history of the PORSCHE is determined by the search for the best technical solution. The practical tests that Porsche underwent on race tracks all over the world made a decisive contribution to this.

This is where the foundation for the legendary security, reliability, endurance and performance was laid. But the many glamorous victories were always only a means to an end, the quick and athletic ones To perfect touring carriages so that they also perform above average in everyday traffic.

Porsche 1968

Sober data and facts can only theoretically describe the car.

Porsche can be experienced only by driving. After a few kilometers, the driver reveals a unique feeling of security and lightness. The primse, smooth steering, the good visibility and the spontaneous reaction of the vehicle when braking and accelerating make driving a game in all traffic situations. Powerful, sprinting and yet flexible engines defuse every overtaking maneuver, but also enable leisurely driving. The seats, which are arranged deep in the center of gravity of the car, give the driver a firm hold thanks to their shell shape. Even when cornering quickly, it keep a firm grip. A well thought out, carefully tuned chassis leaves the wheels stick to every road surface and still offers good suspension comfort.

An open, sporty touring car has always had a special charm. Light and air make driving in it a fascinating experience.

The targa is built in the performance and equipment versions of the 912, 911 T, 911 L and 911 S. Its name was borrowed from Italian and means "shield". The steel safety bar spanning the interior is also characteristic of his line. It not only protects the occupants, but also allows four variations of the structure, which can be adapted to the respective weather at will.

Porsche 1968

  1. Roof put on - rear window closed Safe in the rain and cold and sooner
  2. Roof on - rear window open Protected from the blazing sun or small showers, but still driving in the fresh air.
  3. Roof removed - rear window closed Even at higher cruising speeds, there is largely no exposure to wind noise or drafts
  4. Roof removed - rear window open An open convertible with a safety bar Removed in a few simple steps, the roof can be folded up easily and then takes up little space in the trunk.

Porsche 1968

Sporty vehicles do not always have the best reputation when it comes to comfort. The Porsche is not only technically perfect, but also in all those things that have a decisive influence on the enjoyment of driving.

Here, too, the purpose always determined the form.

Only in the correct sitting position let yourself be in control of a car.

Low lying. Reclining seats that support the driver laterally, are anatomically correct and can be adjusted in many ways, do not tire the occupants, even on long journeys.

Porsche 1968

The gearshift lever is conveniently located on the frame tunnel. The handbrake and heating control are between the front seats. Without taking their hands off the steering wheel, the driver can operate the three-stage windshield wipers, the windshield washer system, indicators, headlights and high beam switching using two combination switches on the steering column. In the dashboard, exactly in the driver's field of vision, there are five clearly readable instruments that are shielded from reflections.

Porsche 1968

The wheelbase made it possible to create a spacious interior, the The freedom of the knees for any passengers in the rear seats also benefits.

If they are not needed, additional luggage can be stowed on the folded seat backrests. The large trunk under the front hood is impressive. which was made possible by a well thought-out front axle construction. The spare wheel is under the trunk lining on the fuel tank.

Using a ventilation system that is separate from the car heater, you can steplessly adjustable fresh air flow into the car below the windshield. Draft-free ventilation takes place via slots above the rear hatch.

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