(February 2014)

Finally driven the 991 Turbo S! Amazing performance until 160/170 km/h (compared with 997 GT2 as benchmark), great stability until 180/190 in "sport" mode (car was wearing winter tires so it may improve with proper shoes), didn't really appreciate the difference with sport plus on open road. The car provides great comfort and an involving exhaust sound. The pdk gearbox and the steering feel have greatly improved compared with the normally aspirated 991 Carrera S. The rear steering effect is really helpful on the narrow "B" roads.

For the rest, it has the usual "problems" of this kind of cars: insane top performance means that you really have to drive fast if you want some challenge, which can be quite dangerous given the speed of the "normal" traffic and quite penalising for your driving license and bank account. Ridiculous price tag at 210K € in the tested car.

In conclusion, certainly the most powerful Porsche we have ever driven, probably the fastest, but certainly not the most "involving" supercar

"Volevamo scrivere qui in motto intelligente ma al momento non ci viene in mente nulla"