Dating a '60s Porsche internal organisation chart

Mechanical geniuses in a dream team of more than half a century ago


We have recently acquired a lot of old Porsche documentation. Among those, an internal organisation chart showing the people in charge of the various department of the Stuttgart company.

We were intrigued so we tried to date it, so we started considering some of the key people listed in the organigram, headed by Ferry Porsche:

  • Huschke von Hanstein (1911-1996): the flamboyant racing baron was appointed head of Porsche PR and racing department in 1952 and was still in charge in the latter role in the '70s, exercising a considerable influence almost into the new century. His department was reorganised in the mid-'60s, with Ferdinand Piëch taking the lead of the racing activities.
  • Claus von Rücker: the eclectic engineer went back to BMW in 1962 (1964 according other sources).
  • Karl "Papa" Rabe (1895-1968): the austrian engineer, life-long Porsche associated, is listed as vice president and head of construction. He retired from his function at Porsche in 1965.
  • Leopold Schmid: the transmission guru. He designed the synchromes setup patented by Porsche in 1953 and manufactured by Getrag, which revolutionised the gearbox design and usage for decades. In the organigram he's working under Rabe and dealing with all the mechanical engineering department. He was still in charge at the beginning of the development of the 911, with Helmut Bott working under him.
  • Erwin Komenda (1904-1966): was in charge of the bodywork design department; had difficult times with the company in his later years.


The organigram dates from the beginning of the '60. The upper limit should be 1962/64 (depending on the date of the departure of von Rücker).