Air Cooled Porsche European Gathering

Sessantesimo anniversario della vittoria di Jean Behra su Porsche 718 RSK F2 Aprile a Reims-Gueux
30/06-01/07 2018


A la bonne franquette - Porsche air cooled
Reims-Gueux 30/06/2018

Meeting at Dormans city centre for the apéritif and lunch - 11:30 am; Driving through the Champagne Wineyards, petite pause sympathique.
Another terrasse/or saucisson on the way back. Go back home or stay for the evening at stunning Reims city.
Hôtel recommendations/assistance will be provided if needed

"Volevamo scrivere qui in motto intelligente ma al momento non ci viene in mente nulla"