Press release (Sept. 1983)

Porsche Formula 1 engine TAG Turbo PO1


On behalf of the Geneva-based company TAG Turbo Engines, Porsche designed and developed the Grand Prix engine "TAG Turbo PO1".

Since the Dutch Grand Prix on August 28, 1983 in Zandvoort, the machine has been used in the Marlboro MP4 / 1-E of the Marlboro McLaren International team in Formula 1 races.

Not only because of its purpose, the TAG engine will go down in the history of Porsche's development as a "fast object". On October 12, 1981, the development order was received at the Porsche development center in Weissach.

Construction started on the white sheet of paper. The engine was first ignited on December 18, 1982. The TAG engine began its test driving in a test vehicle in March 1983.

Twenty weeks later, on August 28, it went into racing testing at the Dutch Grand Prix, which will continue over the next few months.

In the 1985 racing season, the company TAG Turbo Engines and the Marlboro McLaren International team set their sights on sporting goals with the "TAG Turbo PO1".

The "TAG Turbo PO1", a V6 cylinder with an angle of 80 degrees, is characterized by its compact design and low weight. Its output is currently in the range of 650 hp at 11500 rpm.

For Porsche, the Formula 1 engine is one of many third-party development projects in the development center in Weissach.