Where are all these 1972 and 1973 911 2.4 S Coupé right now?

Here some stats!

As some of you may also do, we're keeping a sort of private registry of some cars on which we have a personal interest / fondness. At a certain points we realised that we were keeping track of hundreds of MY 1972 (E) and MY 1973 (F) 2.4S Coupé chassis numbers (796 as of 30/06/2021; 375 '72 and 421 '73, for the sake of precision).

Therefore, at a certain point we were curious to know the current whereabouts of these prized cars and we believe that this number have a certain statistical (it's about 1/4 of the total production) and social/ historical relevance (e.g. to compare with the original delivery numbers or international market trends; prevent clones / doppelgänger).

In this page we will be publishing some graphs / tables we have been developing and that we started sharing with the fellow members of the Early 911S Registry back in 2014. We hope you will find them interesting and we're looking forward your comments.

Please do not hesitate to send your personal stats / cars data or corrections ... we'll be treating them with the necessary confidentiality and only use them in aggregated form for non-commercial purposes. Also, if you need to check what we have on your car, you may contact us and we will come back to your (for free, of course). Thanks a lot for your attention, MORE TO COME!

Stats 2.4S

Following some requests we have received from ESR forum members, we have elaborated a list of the most common colors for the cars recorded in our data base. We have started with the 1972 (E-Series) and 1973 (F-Series) MY 911 "S" and taken into account the chassis we have in our DB and selected a sample for which we are pretty confident on the actual matching color. Here are the results. Open for comments, challenging, questions and discussion.

Stats 2.4S Stats 2.4S
Notes and caveats
  • Although we have a much larger data base of 911 2.4S Coupé and we are personally aware of a much larger number in some countries, the stats are limited to those for which we have a positive chassis identification.
  • Country names = ISO 3
  • TBD = To Be Determined (we don't know / we are not sure).
  • W/OFF = written off from public registry / demolished / destroyed.
  • PTS = Paint To Sample.