Test drive Porsche 991 Carrera S

Brussels, 2012

We spent most of the time in getting used to the PDK gearbox ... it's very quick and smooth but it also has its peculiarities, e.g. logic of the kick-down, the maneuverability of the down shift paddle, etc.

Another new component which you need to get used to is the electronic steering. It's not really letting the driver feel the road so we expect that some "old school" drivers won't completely trust it and push to the limit as with a "normal" steering.

That said, the new 991 is really a rocket, we don't think there is anything as quick as "she" is in its class of power and price ... maybe you don't feel it, but you just need to check the speedometer to realise it :)
The engine is amazing, it pushes to about 7500 RPM without hesitation, like a Wankel engine or a turbine. The brakes are excellent as usual and also the turning radius improved considerably.

Many thanks to the Porsche Center Brussels for their support.

"Volevamo scrivere qui un motto intelligente ma al momento non ci viene in mente nulla"