Racing is not the only way to test a car's design and components. It is the best way. It is the ultimate proof and either supports or rejects the results of earlier bench-tests and controlled, non-competitive proving ground experiments.

The new 900 Porsche series is a logical progression of the basic design: proved by time, by tests and by racing.

Rear-engine position. Eliminates loss inherent in transmitting power from a front engine to rear driving wheels; puts engine weight over driving wheels for better traction and acceleration; improves braking by distributing braking force more evenly among the four wheels.

Air-cooled engine. Eliminates need for water and anti-freeze; no danger of overheating or freezing; lightens car by eliminating water-cooling plumbing; improves reliability.

"Flat" engine design. Horizontally opposed cylinder layout saves space.

Overhead camshaft (on all 911's). Actuates valves directly, achieving higher engine revolutions; produces greater power over wider range.

Dry sump lubrication (on all 911's). Oil cooling automatically maintained; separate tank carries oil; eliminates oil pan surges; lowers engine profile since oil pan is unnecessary.

Independent suspension. All four wheels rise and fall independently; eliminates weight of conventional rear axle housing; reduces car's unsprung weight producing a smoother ride.

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